How The Michigan Mitten Started – The Michigan Mitten Company, LLC

How It Started

The Michigan Mitten started with a smart woman (hi, honey!) and her ability to knit anything under the sun. The initial design for the mittens quickly became popular at frigid college football tailgates and we (read: she) couldn't keep up with the requests from friends and family for their own pair. In order to spread the love for this awesome design, we started The Michigan Mitten!

Owner - Sterling

Sterling Beard
A Michigan State alumnus, veteran, beer drinker, and lover of finely knitted goods, I'm lucky to beĀ married to the creator of the original Michigan Mitten. See that beard I'm sporting? Yup. Knitted.
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Owner - Adam

Adam Picture
You may be thinking that a baby can't own a company. Well, you're right. I'm the one on the right. A Western Michigan alumnus, home brewer, and older (wiser) brother in the company, I am the thief of the original Michigan Mitten. I literally couldn't keep my hands off the design at that fateful tailgate and some would say I became our first model that day.
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